We’re changing the lives of young athletes

RUSH Hockey is a destination for North America’s most driven and talented young hockey players looking for valuable opportunities to accelerate their success. A unique platform to grow and seize their future, top-tier athletes join a broad range of their peers in action and benefit from valuable guidance to support their development through high-profile showcases, educational programming and access to scouts, recruiters and other members of the elite hockey community.

It all started with the realization by renowned hockey scout Kelly Katorji. Tapping into his 25 years of scouting experience, he identified a large gap in the development of female hockey players. Unlike their male counterparts, they were struggling to find opportunities to develop their skills. RUSH Hockey was founded in an effort to fill this gap, providing female athletes a platform to showcase their talents to colleges and universities across North America, improving their chances of attending their post-secondary school of choice.

In the years since RUSH Hockey was launched, it has grown to host North America’s premier women’s hockey showcase and graduated more than 10,000 athletes. We are also proud of our 20+ alumni who have gone on to compete in the Olympics for Team Canada or Team USA. By providing these players with trusted guidance, we lead them on a path to unrivalled success, raising their level of play and changing their lives – both on and off the ice.

About The Team

Kelly Katorji


Email: kelly@RUSHhockey.ca
Phone: 519.664.1351

Having spent more than 25 years in the hockey world as a scout, RUSH Hockey founder and owner Kelly Katorji knows talent when he sees it. Between 2003 and 2016, he was North America’s most active hockey recruit, but he now uses his skills and experience to provide a one-of-a-kind showcase – allowing tomorrow’s stars to shine today.

Axton Jaworski

Assistant Director, Events

Email: axton@RUSHhockey.ca
Phone: 519.894.4222

To fire on all cylinders, RUSH Hockey needs to draw upon a wide array of talents – and Axton Jaworski checks many essential boxes. Thanks to his diverse professional background (which includes cooking, landscaping, tree planting and more), he is in an ideal position to oversee our operations – managing communications across a number of facilities and keeping our events on track.

Josh Piro

Senior Consultant & Director, Scouting/Development

Email: josh@RUSHhockey.ca
Phone: 647.818.9633

When we’re looking for insight on hockey and the people who play it, we go directly to the pros. Case in point: Josh Piro, a former professional hockey player, who also has extensive experience as a coach. Through his background and his decade overseeing the Slapshot Cup hockey tournament, Josh has developed a unique ability to spot talent and help it flourish.

Rima Katorji

Senior VP Marketing (Left wing)

Email: rimak@mayk.com
Phone: 647.938.8574

Rima Katorji brings a wealth of hockey experience to her role as RUSH Hockey’s Senior VP of Marketing. In addition to playing on the original collegiate women’s hockey team at Wilfrid Laurier University, she has a Master’s degree in Sports Administration, a background in sports management and experience with a variety of other athletic organizations – including the Buffalo Bills, Disney Sports, the Canadian PGA and the LPGA’s Symetra Tour.

Tanya Kostiw

Creative Direction and Communications (Defence)

Email: tanyak@mayk.com
Phone: 647.946.4079

Once an accomplished varsity cheerleader and athlete, Tanya Kostiw is now an all-star creative director and communications contact at Mayk Ideas, our agency of record. If you want to learn more about the amazing work we do at RUSH Hockey, she is the person to contact.

Meghan Assenza

Senior Director Marketing, Agency Partnerships (Right wing)

Email: meghana@mayk.com
Phone: 647.946.4092

In the world of sports, Meghan Assenza has made her greatest impression on the volleyball court, but she also has a longstanding passion for hockey. If you’re interested in discussing sponsorships, Meghan is the person to call, as she is the agency rep for Mayk Ideas, RUSH Hockey’s agency of record.

Sandra Parris

Director, People

Email: sandrap@mayk.com
Phone: 613.400.7422

Dr. Sandra Parris is responsible for recruiting and retaining the star performers who make RUSH a winning team. When it comes to people (and football), she is our resident expert. If you want to work for RUSH, there’s no two ways about it: you’ve got to call the doctor.

Sandra Barnes

Director, Business Development

Email: sandrab@mayk.com
Phone: 514.710.0902

Like every other member of our team, Sandra Barnes has a passion for hockey, but with one crucial difference: she loves hockey in more than one language, making her the MVP of all things bilingual.

May Katorji

Board Chair

Tracey Strauss

Board Advisor


If mailing cheques, please send them to the following address, care of RUSH Hockey:

3098 Sawmill Road, P.O. Box 239
St. Jacobs, Ontario
N0B 2N0

Before mailing your cheque, please contact us at 226.444.1173