Introducing Adrenaline – the summer hockey experience unlike any other

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Camp Robin Hood to present Adrenaline, a summer hockey camp created specifically for top-tier players to grow and advance their game.

Adrenaline is the best of both worlds – four full days of on- and off-ice training, top coaches from the U.S. and Canada, 180 acres of wild New England nature to explore including a pristine lakefront, more than 50 activities, healthy food and so much more.

We couldn’t be more excited about this perfect partnership. Where RUSH Hockey is a stand for the success of our players both on and off the ice, Camp Robin Hood is defined by its commitment to giving kids a space to enjoy being kids – getting active, exploring nature and trying new things away from the screens and distractions of today’s digital world. At its core, Adrenaline is about so much more than hockey’s hard skills – it’s about leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork with a healthy dash of competition and coaching.

Adrenaline has been in the works for months and we want you to know who’s behind the scenes and bringing it to life. It’s time to meet Richard Woodstein a.k.a. Woody, Camp Robin Hood’s director, and Kelly, our RUSH Hockey president. Check out our lightning-round interview below.

RUSH Hockey: What are you more excited about – Adrenaline or Christmas?

Kelly Katorji: Both – I get the same feeling!

Woody: Camp – it lasts longer.

RH: Describe the Adrenaline experience in five words.

W: Fun, challenging, educational, different, screen-free.

KK: A place to get back to the roots of sports and adventure. Challenge, nature, camaraderie, friendship, competition.

RH: What part of Adrenaline are you most looking forward to players experiencing?

KK: The way your brain becomes focused in an environment minus social media and all the stresses that come with it – Adrenaline is really about decompressing and focusing on your growth.

W: Unplugging and being with other goal-oriented and driven players.

RH: Favourite summer memory as a kid?

W: Sunsets.

KK: Summer road hockey.

RH: All-time favourite hockey player?

W: Mike Bossy.

KK: Darryl Sittler – he actually grew up three doors down from where I did.

So, there you have it – a little sneak peek into the masterminds behind this summer’s can’t-miss hockey experience.

Stay tuned for more blogs and podcasts ­– in the leadup to Adrenaline, we’ll be posting more details about what you can expect and what you’ll get from this unique summer hockey camp. Just can’t wait? Get all the details and register for camp now, right here.

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