Adrenaline’s three rules for food and nutrition

As a premier summer camp experience, Adrenaline, powered by RUSH Hockey and Camp Robin Hood offers a menu of delicious, healthy meals. The way we see it, the single most important element of any training regime is food and nutrition, as this allows you to get the most out of your physical training and progress at peak efficiency. Your diet provides the building blocks you need to react and adapt to the stresses that get thrown your way on the ice. As our fundamental source of energy, food plays a vital role in everything we do. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the three rules that shape Adrenaline’s approach to food and nutrition.


Rule #1 – Always educate

At Adrenaline, we pride ourselves on offering education at every opportunity, but rather than limit your education to hockey and other athletic pursuits, we take the time to offer insight on the benefits of healthy eating, a topic of vital importance, both on and off the ice. This education includes learning how to prepare for practice and games with all-day smart eating habits. To ensure every camper gets the full benefit of our food and nutrition message, we preach about this all day long, putting particular emphasis on this topic when we gather for meals and at our end-of-day wrap-ups.


Rule #2 – Make every ingredient count

In building the Adrenaline menu, we are guided by a handful of important principles. For one, we believe everything our campers consume should be selected and prepared by us, which means we never allow any outside food to be served. In preparing these meals, we ensure they consist of high quality, natural ingredients. Without exception, we avoid processed, pre-packaged foods – everything we serve at Camp Robin Hood is cooked from scratch – and fried foods are prohibited at all times.


Rule #3 – Never bend the rules

When it comes to food and nutrition, our last essential rule is to always follow the rules. At Adrenaline, we present a clear vision for campers to adhere to in their dietary decisions – and we insist they adhere to the rules. This includes heavy protein in the morning, carbs at night and generous servings of fruits, vegetables, water and sports drinks. Our menu is designed to deliver three well-balanced meals per day. By following this diet, campers are in an ideal position to thrive on the ice and develop understanding that will serve them long after their Adrenaline experience has come to an end.

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