’Tis the season of giving, and with that comes the stress of finding the perfect gift: something they want, that’s also useful and feels really special. We’ve got the answer for you… the gift of growth. This year, give the gift of Adrenaline, the hockey skills camp unlike any other.

5 Ways Adrenaline Will Help Your Player Level Up

  1. Get away from distractions
    Camp Robin Hood is a technology-free zone, which means Adrenaline is the perfect place to focus on your skills, goals and game without the distractions of screens and social media. Surrounded by New Hampshire’s White Mountains and set on 188 acres of beautiful, green forest with a mile of pristine lakefront, it’s the ultimate place to focus on what really matters.
  1. Go, go, go – all day long
    Adrenaline isn’t like other hockey camps where you play then go back to your hotel room. Every Adrenaline player is getting at least 90 minutes a day of on-ice training with our incredible skill coaches, and then we’re coming back to camp to jump in the lake, play basketball, tennis or softball, canoe, kayak, climb a mountain, or play an epic all-camp field game. We’re on the move all-day long, doing things beyond hockey – which is great for overall fitness and for creating a well-balanced, healthy player.
  1. Make friends for life
    The friendships you make at camp are different – and deeper. Spending all day together, eating, training, sleeping and playing creates bonds that last a lifetime. Adrenaline offers the opportunity to have fun and learn with top-tier players from around the world.
  1. Learn from an incredible coaching staff
    We’ve assembled an incredible staff of top skill coaches from around North America. Camp director Richard “Woody” Woodstein says it best, “Adrenaline is a unique opportunity because these kids get to talk to coaches who have helped players make it to the NHL and the Canadian Olympic team. When they talk about what they’ve seen and what it takes to get there, the players really buy in.”
  1. Build skills beyond the arena
    Adrenaline is more than a summer hockey camp. It’s an experience for elite hockey players to grow their skills and confidence as leaders, on and off the ice. We end every day with an all-camp campfire at the lakefront, where we debrief what we worked on that day and, more importantly, what we’re going to work on the next.

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Happy holidays, RUSH Nation!

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