North America’s leading authority on youth hockey, RUSH has a reputation for trusted guidance and unrivalled success. This tradition continues on the RUSH Hockey Talk podcast, which provides valuable tips for parents and players alike.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 4: Youth hockey and the off season
Guest: Nick Carpenito

Associate head coach of the Northeastern University women’s hockey team Nick Carpenito has advice for parents and players curious about how to manoeuvre the off season. Should players keep busy with tournaments and showcases? Don’t miss Carpenito’s insight!

Episode 3: The rules of recruiting
Guest: Richard Reichenbach

Richard Reichenbach discusses his recruiting efforts as head coach of the University of Maine’s women’s hockey team and recent changes to the rules regarding the recruitment of young players. He also explains his family-focused approach to coaching, offering advice for parents determined to see their children succeed on the ice.

Episode 2: Building character
Guest: Casey Handrahan

Assistant coach of University of Connecticut’s women’s hockey team, Casey Handrahan explains what he looks for in the players he recruits. While performance and ability are most important, Handrahan puts a great deal of effort into finding players with character, as this makes for a more positive environment, maximizing the commitment of everyone on the team.

Episode 1: Ivy League recruitment
Guest: Dean Jackson

Assistant coach of Cornell University’s women’s hockey team, Dean Jackson talks about the key differences between Ivy League athletic opportunities and those available at other post-secondary institutions. Rather than offer scholarships, Ivy League universities are only permitted to provide financial aid.