North America’s leading authority on youth hockey, RUSH has a reputation for trusted guidance and unrivalled success. This tradition continues on the RUSH Hockey Talk podcast, which provides valuable tips for parents and players alike.

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Podcast Episodes

Season 02 Episode 09: Research and relationships
Guest: Jeff Hicks

Sports media specialist and award-winning journalist Jeff Hicks visits with Kelly to give expert insights on the world of sports journalism. From maintaining relationships with the people around you to doing your homework on those you’re profiling, Hicks explores the secrets of being a successful hockey writer and reporter.

Season 02 Episode 08: Path to the pros
Guest: Jamie Goldsmith

Jamie Goldsmith, former pro hockey player and current girls’ hockey coach & assistant director of admissions at The Gunnery in Connecticut, joins RUSH Hockey Talk to discuss the path to the pros and the benefits of attending prep and boarding schools.

Season 02 Episode 07: Feel well, live well
Guest: Kevin Duguay

Kevin Duguay, managing director and sports therapy consultant at VoxxLife, returns to RUSH Hockey Talk to discuss the neuro path to faster wellness. Duguay goes in-depth on how VoxxLife products can help both performance and recovery – as well as simply help people be their best at any activity – every day.

Season 02 Episode 06: Training during quarantine
Guest: Billy Larkins

RUSH Hockey founder and owner Kelly Katorji once again joins Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) trainer and facility owner Billy Larkins to answer all of your questions about training – but this time with a focus on conditioning during quarantine. From setting schedules to getting REM sleep, Larkins discusses what you need to know about how to push through this pandemic.

Season 02 Episode 05: Views from the Atlantic
Guest: Katherine Purchase, Carly Jackson, Stephen Friars

RUSH Hockey founder and owner Kelly Katorji talks to former National goaltenders Katherine Purchase and Carly Jackson, as well as former college assistant coach Stephen Friars. All hailing from the Atlantic provinces, our guest discuss their experiences playing and coaching hockey at home and abroad, and what helped make them successful.

Season 02 Episode 04: Focus on flexibility
Guest: Ryan Herszkowicz

RUSH Hockey founder and owner Kelly Katorji talks to personal trainer and stretch therapist Ryan Herszkowicz about the often-forgotten importance of flexibility training. Herszkowicz explores how specific stretch training can improve your overall game and gives you the tips you need to get started at home.

Season 02 Episode 03: Hockey and summer camp collide at Adrenaline
Guest: Richard Woodstein

RUSH Hockey founder and owner Kelly Katorji talks to Camp Robin Hood director and owner Richard “Woody” Woodstein about his long, storied history at the camp and his desire to see kids enjoy the one-of-a-kind summer hockey experience known as Adrenaline, powered by RUSH Hockey and Camp Robin Hood. As Woodstein sees it, this is a rare and extremely worthy opportunity for kids to broaden their athletic ability, while also taking a much-needed break from the technological distractions that play an overpowering role in their daily lives.

Season 02 Episode 02: The show can’t go on (for now)
Guest: Eric Guzdek

RUSH Hockey founder and owner Kelly Katorji talks to Eric Guzdek, general manager of the Northtown Center at Amherst, and Peter Gout, general manager and director of hockey operations of the Brampton Canadettes Girls Hockey Association, about their need to cancel many upcoming events in light of the COVID-19 crisis. As Gout sees it, the inconvenience and disappointment involved is of little importance compared to the health and well-being of all those who were set to participate in these events.

Season 02 Episode 01: Hockey in the time of COVID-19
Guest: Grant Kimball, Ted Wisner

RUSH Hockey founder and owner Kelly Katorji talks to Grant Kimball, assistant women’s hockey coach at Yale University, and Ted Wisner, associate coach of women’s ice hockey at St. Lawrence University, about the impact of COVID-19 on the lives of university hockey players and coaches. With all their usual activities cancelled, Kimball and Wisner explore their reactions and the various ways their lives have changed in recent weeks.

Episode 13: Starting the new season, on the right foot
Guest: Grant Kimball

Grant Kimball, Yale Bulldog assistant coach, joins Kelly Katorji in-studio to share how he’s starting the season off right, with insights he’s gleaned from more than 19 years of coaching. This conversation covers it all, from the importance of creating a low-stress environment through structure and habit-forming, to advice on how parents and players can handle the new college recruitment rules. Don’t miss this episode if you’re looking to start your 2019-20 season in high gear!

Episode 12: Training insights from a trainer of pros
Guest: Billy Larkins

Kelly Katorji is joined by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), trainer and facility owner Billy Larkins. He’s worked with a wide range of athletes, from collegiate players to pros in the NBA, NFL and NHL. In this episode, Larkins answers your burning questions about training – everything from how to vary the type and intensity of workouts from in-season to off-season, how to make the most of your training, how much is too much and how hockey camps should fit into your training schedule.

Episode 11: A revealing look at the RUSH College Showcase
Guest: Kelly Katorji

Guest host Mandi Gosling talks to RUSH Hockey founder and owner Kelly Katorji about the RUSH College Showcase, which runs over four days every June. One of North America’s most experienced hockey scouts, Katorji uses his knowledge of young players to keep the teams in this event balanced and competitive. In this behind-the-scenes look, he reveals how the Showcase allows players from all over North America to build lasting friendships, while gaining a better sense of their relative skill level – and what’s required to excel.

Episode 10: Ivy League admissions
Guest: Ashley Kilstein

Ashley Kilstein, assistant coach of women’s hockey at Princeton University, dispels common myths about the Ivy League’s admissions process. As she sees it, GPA and standardized test scores are important, but they’re not the only variables that matter.

Episode 9: Navigating the NCAA’s new recruiting rules
Guest: Grant Kimball

Grant Kimball, head coach of the women’s hockey team at Aurora University, talks about his role as representative of Division III women’s hockey on the American Hockey Coaches Association’s board of governors. Specifically, he considers new NCAA rules aimed at slowing down early recruiting and the ways these rules are likely to impact coaches, players and their families.

Episode 8: How players get noticed
Guest: Josh Sciba

Players and parents navigating recruitment, this one’s for you! Josh Sciba, head coach of the women’s hockey team at Union College, offers his insights on what he looks for in players, what you can do to get noticed and what to avoid.

Episode 7: The road to the NCAA Division III tournament
Guest: Tim Crowley

Tim Crowley, head coach of the nationally ranked women’s ice hockey program at Elmira College, discusses everything you need to know about the NCAA Division III tournament: the criteria to make it in, the selection process and the approach he takes with his team. “It’s about your body of work… a game in November is just as important as a game in February.”

Episode 6: The state of youth women’s hockey
Guest: Ted Wisner

Associate head coach of the women’s hockey team at St. Lawrence University Ted Wisner has worked in this area for well over a decade. During this time, he has seen a significant improvement in the quality of skating among female hockey players, though he believes there is still plenty of opportunity for those who “can skate like the wind, keep their head up and have a rocket shot.”

Episode 5: The changing rules of recruitment
Guest: Eddie Ardito

Assistant coach of the women’s hockey team at Quinnipiac University Eddie Ardito offers tips for parents and players struggling to navigate the recruiting process. Specifically, he breaks down the current communication rules and offers some idea of what to expect when they are revised in the months ahead.

Episode 4: Youth hockey and the off season
Guest: Nick Carpenito

Associate head coach of the Northeastern University women’s hockey team Nick Carpenito has advice for parents and players curious about how to manoeuvre the off season. Should players keep busy with tournaments and showcases? Don’t miss Carpenito’s insight!

Episode 3: The rules of recruiting
Guest: Richard Reichenbach

Richard Reichenbach discusses his recruiting efforts as head coach of the University of Maine’s women’s hockey team and recent changes to the rules regarding the recruitment of young players. He also explains his family-focused approach to coaching, offering advice for parents determined to see their children succeed on the ice.

Episode 2: Building character
Guest: Casey Handrahan

Assistant coach of University of Connecticut’s women’s hockey team, Casey Handrahan explains what he looks for in the players he recruits. While performance and ability are most important, Handrahan puts a great deal of effort into finding players with character, as this makes for a more positive environment, maximizing the commitment of everyone on the team.

Episode 1: Ivy League recruitment
Guest: Dean Jackson

Assistant coach of Cornell University’s women’s hockey team, Dean Jackson talks about the key differences between Ivy League athletic opportunities and those available at other post-secondary institutions. Rather than offer scholarships, Ivy League universities are only permitted to provide financial aid.